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Welcome to our Myers Motorsports web site 
devoted to Father-Daughter drag racers,
Tony and Taylor Myers

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2015 racing results on Tony Myers – biography

Tony Myers after winning the 2014 track championship for the third time in five years
decided to crew chief for his seventeen year old daughter, Taylor, to get her on track
to a championship, which she came close to by getting to fourth in points.
Tony ran selected events with his daughter and took part in several driver
appearances and promotions for local businesses such as Toyota dealership,
lane automotive, and large marina's to promote Lucas oil products.

It appears for 2016 tony maybe driving our top dragster car, along with
Taylor in top eliminator, as she will have her own crew chief this year.

Watch out in 2016 two Lucas oil dragsters will be on the track, Double Trouble!


2015 race results on Taylor Myers – biography

Taylor Myers ran the division five IHRA top eliminator class this year for the first full year
after coming our of Jr. dragsters. Her and her father did several shows and events with
both dragsters on broadcast for a large car dealership in St. Joseph, Mi.

Her race results were fourth place in points division five IHRA top eliminator class with
three final rounds, six semi finals, four quarter finals, and only one round loss.

She is still running eighth mile tracks and hopes to move up to the quarter mile in 2016.
We are hoping that she gets voted driver of the year for our local track this year.




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